Friday, December 7, 2012

Victory Pattern's Simone

Recently I told you of a new pattern company I found called Victory Patterns; I bought 3 different patterns and decided to make the Simone dress first.

If I hadn't made alternations to the dress this would have only taken me a few hours, but I ran into a few problems along the way. Before I even cut out the pattern I had to remove 5 cm from the back skirt side because my fabric wasn't wide enough. I was using fabric from my stash so I didn't take this into consideration. I went to alter the bodice length at the shorten line but there was only enough room to take off 1 cm, not the 2.5 cm I needed too which was frustrating.

 Once I had sewn the dress the bodice was a tad bit too big so I took off 1 cm from the bodice front side and then sewed 2 cm seam allowance instead to 1 cm. I'm not entirely happy with the bodice; the hook and eye at the top of the split doesn't sit well; I think that's because I took off too much from the front bodice side instead of the back bodice. The end of the linen on the back of the dress comes down too far and sits awkwardly below my natural waist. I also had problems with sewing the points on the front and back and as a result they don't sit flat. I ended up lining the dress also because the outer shell fabric was quite see-through.

Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out, but next time I would be making a lot of alterations to the pattern before I started. 

The Facts and Figures:
Made: November 2012
Fabric: Patterned Japanese Lawn (from Spotlight) for the main outer shell & linen for the planket
Lining: Off white poplin
Notions: Invisible zip and 2x Hook & Eye

The Big Questions:
First worn? Haven't worn it yet
Will I wear it again? -

Things I Changed:
- Shortened the skirt by 14cm
- Took out 1 cm from bodice lenght
- Added lining to the whole dress
- Removed 1 cm from the bodice front side
- Took out 5 cm from back skirt side
- Added a hook and eye to the zipper seam

Things I would do differently next time:
- Make a full muslin of the dress and then start of the good one
- Choose wider fabric

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